Spring clean & green!

Spring reminds us just how satisfying plants can be in interior design, so if you’re looking to shed some of that winter warmth in your home design, look no further than the vibrant and versatile indoor plant. And if you’re scratching your head on where to start, simply check out these tips for using plants in interior design.

Plants to put in your living room

Plants and Flowers add a unique dimension and pop that any spring space can benefit from. Even using an old fashioned watering can with fresh flowers can add a vintage, whimsical aspect to your spring decor.e.

Fig-ure It Out!

Yes: You can have a fig tree and eat it, too. They are such an easy way to add color and life (literally) to a space without going overboard, and they are one of the more sophisticated looking indoor plants that are affordable and accessible. Placing this fruit-bearing fig tree in a planter basket and let it live in a living or dining room – it’s a nearly foolproof decorating idea!

Choose plants that keep things fresh and healthy

Living with plants is more than just a design decision. According to research by Texas A&M, “being around plants helps people concentrate better in the home and workplace.” Our friendly green guests assist with breathing, help to deter illness, and increase concentration, memory, and productivity. And if those health points aren’t on your spring design resolution list, they ought to be. For the plant-uninitiated, consider these tips:

  • Decorate with orchids, succulents, and epiphytic bromeliads – these lovely house mates take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making them perfect companions to keep the calming oxygen flowing.
  • Make friends with bamboo, who won’t mind if you leave early and work late – just keep them in water and you’ll benefit from years of soothing green bamboo tones.
  • Hang a spider plant in an unused vertical space, which is an ideal design tip if you choose to follow our advice of minimizing flat surfaces.

Spruce up your shelf life

A shelf with strategically-placed plants helps to tease out the feeling of playful design, even in functional spaces, like a tableware storage shelf or even a pantry. A trip to your local garden nursery should provide plenty of design inspiration for your spring design transition.

And if you’re truly hitting a wall when it comes to thinking of a clean and green theme for your home, consider collaborating with one of Havenly’s professional online interior designers.

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